Rethinking ‘distance’ in New York City

Loved the data visualization here — thanks for a great article! and Matt Canty— I’ve run across plenty of materials that make easy comparisons of neighborhoods in the Midwest to New York and California. For example, there’s activist/artist’s Nato Thompson’s Seeing Power, where Thompson discusses the origin of the “peculiar fashion-conscious scenester unwilling to tie him- or herself to any single cultural movement” (ahem, “hipster”), who “gravitated toward the increasingly gentrified neighborhoods of Silver Lake in Los Angeles, Wicker Park in Chicago, Williamsburg in New York, and Mission in San Francisco.” Bon Appetit regularly shows Chicago and the Twin Cities some love. Elsewhere, I’ve even seen Salt Lake City pop up in trendy pieces on craft brewing! Don’t let confirmation bias give you the impression that the tight logic developed in this study won’t be generously applied to the rest of the country (eventually).

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