Lines We Inherit

The nature of invention cries out for dreams of a better existence, not only for ourselves, but humanity as a whole. Yet, despite living in the greatest era of human achievement, we bear witness to the clawed hands of those old oligarchs, from a darker century, who retain a greedy and bitter grasp on cultures and economies; despite their power and wealth, they fear progress. Today’s populist revolution fuels the nightmares of these old and entrenched families, as they now witness the tumbling collapse of that bureaucratic, farcical political system that has shielded them from public view for so long.

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Nowhere are the lines of these colliding realities more apparent than in Silicon Valley, where you will find yourself driving past burned out cars and slum-lord violence on your way to investment parties with billionaires. It was living between those worlds, attending parties with my partner’s tech company colleagues while also working with nonprofits in some of the hardest hit communities in America, that ultimately led to this announcement; moving between those realities revealed a damning indictment of misdirected capitalism and I had found myself caught up between two cultures: one of hard working American families crushed under the abusive tactics of predatory commerce, and the other of nihilistic and self-congratulatory consumption, devoid of purpose. It became evident that our present trajectory is unsustainable, even for those benefitting most — their senseless optimism blinds them to the dangerous, roiling masses growing below.

Today, we live at the intersection of these colliding realities; one predicated upon the supply and demand restrictions of previous centuries, and another wherein productive output cannot be successfully beaten out of workers with the threat of poverty and death. Our future will not require the same hard labor from our bodies. Problem solving our imminent future will require an intelligent, creative population with a multitude of differing perspectives to solve increasingly complex challenges.

Our nation’s survival will necessitate large-scale reforms to all of our economic, social, and governmental systems. Furthermore, our nation’s survival will require either the assimilation or overthrow of those few entrenched, delusional, and last-century oligarchs who threaten our shared future. Our future requires more than machinery, it needs humanity.

Greed has also poisoned our soil. The air you breathe, water you drink, and land you walk upon bears scars from the reckless industrialization of a darker century; we have, and will continue, to die early due to the inhospitable world our forebears failed to foresee. My own family history bears these shameful marks of predatory greed, ethical corruption, and nihilistic abandon; the question, however, is not which lines we have inherited, but rather what lines we draw for ourselves in the sands of time. Our actions in this century will echo through the ages as the moment our species either consumed itself into oblivion, or rose together and transcended into the long history of the stars.

We ask you to join us in building a new world, a decent world; one that is built on shared connection rather than division. Together we can liberate ourselves from the bitterness and control of those few men who fear progress, and emerge into a worthy future where our success is gauged by the strength of our weakest rather than the might of our strongest.

The first, and greatest, act of revolution is to renounce hate and take back the power of love. Only the unloved are capable of hate; to defeat those who hate us, we must be strong enough to love them despite their hatred. In doing this, we extinguish the source of their burning destruction, restore their humanity, and give back the resonant possibility of hope. Without love, there is hate; without hope, there is violence. The path to a better future is right in front of us, we need only the courage to follow it and lead others.

I am proud to announce my intent to commit my career to this work. The first, and most critical step, is to expand the reach of accurate, transparent, and investigative journalism so that our communities have access to uncensored information and the means to educate themselves about issues impacting their lives; political revolution is possible with a well-informed populace. To this end, I have joined forces with Truthout, one of America’s fastest growing revolutionary media platforms. They fulfilled my exacting requirements: radical transparency, nonprofit status, no corporate funding, and fearless journalism. By expanding Truthout’s work, especially with regard to corporate and political reporting, we will improve the viability and reach of our movement.

As of 2016, my line has been drawn — I will be joining Truthout’s exemplary team as Development Director, and it is my goal to dramatically increase our funding so that our team of award-winning journalists can expand coverage on underreported and under-investigated issues. It is my sincere hope that this work will help fuel a wide reaching, and sustainable overhaul of our present political and economic systems. I hope you will join me, in your own way, as we embark together down a path toward a better future.

In solidarity,

Anna T. Sutton
Development Director, Truthout

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