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If the technical side of launching a new network is more or less clear, then the problem of restructuring thinking for mass development of IoT will have to be solved. Undoubtedly, the introduction of 5G will lead to the breaking of existing standards in everyday life and business. And for many businesses, if they are to survive in this new environment, they will have to adapt, one way or another, though most ordinary users are not yet ready for such changes. First of all, it means understanding the possibilities around the availability of information and the capabilities of IoT systems and their correct use.

What’s the point, if the disparate devices are closed to one or two systems or groups of people and perform a limited range of tasks? And if it is possible to solve this problem technically by integrating various platforms and services, then for individual users, some companies have already started developing a special concept called “Social Internet of things” (Social IoT or SIoT). Briefly, its essence lies in the creation of a service platform that unites people and devices into one global social network. The unlimited possibilities of such a network to receive and accumulate colossal information flows, connected to devices capable of independently generating content, will allow people to design various services with virtually any configuration, while receiving the necessary products or solutions.

This includes various household needs (for example, security settings, smart home, entertainment, etc.), and the solution of business needs (e-commerce, personnel management, etc.). At the same time, if the finished product created in this way can be useful to other participants of the Social IoT, its author will be able to distribute it both on a commercial and free basis. The extensive user base will be a great opportunity to do good business on this. That is, components of such a designer become both the users of the Internet of Things and the components of its data and devices. All this, at first glance, may seem like something that goes beyond the boundaries of understanding for the average user, but the whole point of Social IoT lies precisely in the mass availability of information tied in with the possibilities of smart devices and the ease of its exchange. In other words, the main task of Social IoT is to create a single information space that is accessible and understandable to any person.

Of course, a detailed description of the possibilities of Social IoT to integrate real-world devices with the virtual world requires a separate material. Nevertheless, already from what has been said, it becomes clear that the number of tasks that can be solved by Social IoT after the launching of 5G is simply limitless. Anyone who wants to keep up with the times and feel confident in the digital world of “smart” devices around him should prepare now, for then he will have to spend both time and money in training. And the future is not in doubt for IoT and its social component — nobody could stop NTP yet, but millions of people and dozens of countries could not keep up with it, which most of them had to bitterly regret.

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