Example of a mobile applications competitive analysis.

I find competitive analysis is the key to finding what already exist in the market to evaluate the how a product`s competition stacks up against usability standards and overall user experience. It also helps understand how the major competition is handling usability.

I use the following framework:

1.Why does the competitor exist in the market?
2.What problems are they solving?
3.Plus/Delta Analysis

Here is a basic analysis I did while working on a mock-up for a cooking app:

Annabel Karmel Family Cooking

  1. To assist parents in cooking and teach children to prepare a meal
  2. Busy parents need to spend less time cooking a healthy simple dish
Annabel Karmel Family Cooking

Plus: the layout has the main selection of recipes

Delta: It shows its main value, user might have a menu in the beginning to choose from e.g. shopping list, meal planning, and recipes.

Plus: the screen is very informative, it has a nice layout that provides sufficient information for the user (preparations time, cooking time) and add to planner and share button are a great addition

Delta: I feel like the space could be added to something else, for video button, shopping list button

Plus: It is useful to have “select a user” in the app as it customized for certain user needs, history of use

Delta: It might be easier to have user+photo to tap on for faster use


  1. Provide a method to write shopping list, to-do-list and organize pantry
  2. Forgetting things that people need to do and items to shop

Plus: It is simple and well organized, allows to add producs by scanning, appox. spending for shopping list is a plus for those who want to save

Delta: I wish it could be more esthetically pleasant.


  1. It helps to plan out weekly meals, learn to cook, and eat more healthy, homemade food.
  2. For people who to want to have a social cooking (sharing from shopping list to ready dishes), organize recipes, meal plan and use leftovers

Plus: It is simple and esthetically pleasant, easy to navigate

Delta: I wish they could do the main sections in 3–5 quadrants so it is easy to choose faster instead of scrolling

Indirect Competitors: in this industry, I want to outline some websites that partially sovle the problems of busy parents.

  • ‘Fresh20' (http://www.thefresh20.com) focus on budget friendly meal plans for busy families. What I really like about them is that they have a selection of programs like “1 HOUR X 1 PER WEEK” (a step by step guide to prep the entire week’s meals) or “STRESS FREE WEEKNIGHTS”(a complete meal that the whole family can cook together).
  • ‘Cooksmarts’ (http://www.cooksmarts.com) which is aiming to teach all members of family cooking skills and educate about healthy food with infographics apart from providing a list of recipes
  • ‘Weeknight meal planner’ (http://tinyurl.com/gv4e5ps) is a website subscription that is super simple just a shopping list+ recipes for a 5 weeknights

What’s the gap in the market? What could be done better?

  • It is clear that all of the listed competitors in the market have some elements right and are accomplishing their goals. Some are taking it to the next step and allow users to have social cooking/planning.

I see the opportunity for an app where several things come together: organization of freezer, pantry, shopping list and meal planning, simple and easy receipts, alarms/reminders for busy parents (novelty).

Interested to see the final project click here http://annavinogradova.com/portfolio/cooksmart.html