Representative Eskamani Responds to Local State Attorney Brian Haas’s Press Conference on Irby Case

Anna V. Eskamani


July 3, 2019

Orlando, FL — Today at 4:15pm State Attorney Brian Haas held a press conference on the case of Joseph Irby and Courtney Taylor Irby. Below is Representative Anna V. Eskamani’s statement in response:

“I am grateful for the decision by local State Attorney Brian Haas to not prosecute Ms. Irby with the original charges filed by the Lakeland Police.

“As we have made clear many times before: we must support and empower our domestic violence survivors, not incarcerate them. I am hopeful that Ms. Irby’s story will inspire law enforcement agencies to revisit their guidelines and procedures as it pertains to working with domestic violence survivors, that legislators will be emboldened to promote and support gun safety measures that keep firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers, and that Americans across the country will continue to share their stories of surviving domestic violence.

“We want domestic violence survivors to trust law enforcement, and to feel comfortable reporting a crime. As Mr. Haas mentioned in his remarks we can always do better when it comes to supporting survivors of domestic violence. I’ll add that we each play a role in community safety, and empowering those who so often do not have a voice. I am proud of our efforts to do that.

I will continue to watch how this case evolves and am sending Ms. Irby and her children my best.”


Anna V. Eskamani

Written by

Orlando native, daughter of immigrants, authentic & unafraid progressive. Elected to serve the great people of FL State House District 47.

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