Weigh loss — Lonely

I’ve had a lot of struggles with my weigh loss journey. But lately it’s feeling very alone and ashamed. I know I have a ton of support from family and friends but no one is going through what I’m going though. Not to say they haven’t but I don’t feel connected to anyone. I want someone to see how hard I’m working. I just want someone to share that with on a more personal level. Someone who will push me and help me understand the way I’m feeling. I can say I got over 4,000 steps in a day but people don’t understand how big of a thing that is for me considering I rarely get over 2,000. I do have people who understand my struggles but I don’t want to burden them. I can tell when I start talking about weight loss and people start zoning out. I wish I could find a good support group. Maybe I will start one. I do feel like I am making life changes. I am proud of myself. This week it’s just been depressing for me. I hate to think I have to pay someone to get what I am looking for.