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Man shot by N.C Cops for not putting his weapons down

Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was futilely shot after being told numerous times to drop his weapon. The middle aged man set off protests and violence that injured 16 officers. Those who participated blocked a highway and threw rocks. Scott deathly threatened police officers while holding a hand gun.

Family told the local news that Scott was “disabled” as well as unarmed, claiming he was reading a book. No book was found, but weapon was found. Hundreds have destructively lashed out, while Mayor of Charlotte, Jennifer Roberts, pleads with community to remain vigilant as police review the shooting and any possible charges against those who were involved.

Trump Concerns

A poll was taken that reported 70 percent of the Nation has concerns with Trump’s controversial comments. Concerns that involve women, Muslims and immigration. These issues apparently have the American people not settled, but when asked about concerns regarding Hillary and the private use of emails, only 64 percent have concerns involving that issue.

Many polls are given that are more in favor of Clinton than Trump, but neither candidate is being known for much good.

FBI Needs Help Finding Two Men

The FBI released a poster of two men seen on Saturday near the site of the bombing that took place in New York. The FBI is asking for help to find these two men. The bombing that occurred left one killed and 30 others injured. The second device that was found, but never exploded is to believed in the control of the two men in the picture.

The two men in the picture are found to be wearing a pink shirt, and the other man is wearing a light-colored shirt.

Ahmad Rhombi was found to be guilty and was charged for the Chelsea Bombing, and the bombing in New Jersey earlier that same day.

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