On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

Thank you! I have been conflicted this whole time between Bernie and Hillary. I like Hillary, but Bernie painted this horrible picture of her, but Hillary seemed more qualified and experienced, but Bernie said that’s a bad thing. I kept feeling like the picture he was painting really didn’t seem like the truth about her. But if an angry white man says something about a woman, well it must be true! Your article clears everything up for me and makes me trust my gut instinct that Hillary is not the establishment devil. I am just sad he has managed to convince so many people of this, all because he wants to win. If he had a leg to stand on on his own merits he wouldn’t have to make the crux of his campaign about how corrupt Hillary is but could focus on how great his policy would be! But he can’t do that because his policy is about as deep as a sandbox. You hit bottom pretty quickly.