Maintaining teacher well-being is vital. Not only for our own mental health, but for that of our families and the pupils we care for. It’s easy to overlook our own welfare when we’re primarily concerned with that of the children.

It’s all too easy to get run down with the stress of teacher life. So when it comes to the school holidays, spend the time wisely. Safeguard your health and happiness.

These 25 well-being activities will help…

Teacher wellbeing activities
Teacher wellbeing activities

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Pobble provides award-winning digital tools for teaching writing. The platform was founded by a group of UK teachers to reduce workload and improve writing attainment. Teachers, sign up now to discover Pobble power!

You may want to set your children tasks over the school break to ensure they are keeping their brains active. Perhaps you’re a teacher wanting to get to know your new class better or discover what they get up to in the holidays, or maybe you just want them to have some fun. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered!

Here are 7 school holiday activities created by the Pobble team, for you to share with your children:

1. The secret lives of teachers

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Let your pupils’ imagination run wild! You know the truth, but what do they think you get up to over the holidays? Do you become your superhero alter ego? Do you return to your home planet? Do you spend time with your pet giraffe? …

A free writing resource. Creative writing fun for you and your children!

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What do teachers REALLY do in the school holidays? You know the truth, but what do your class think you get up to during the break?

As the term draws to an end your thoughts turn to your holiday plans. The reality is that you’re probably looking forward to catching up with friends, reading the book you’ve neglected since the start of term and making the most of those longed for lie-ins.

But… What do your class think you do?

Do you become your superhero alter ego? Do you live at school all summer? Do you return to your home planet? …

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Every year in April, we celebrate Earth Day. This marks the anniversary of the start of the modern environmental movement in 1970. It’s a wonderful opportunity to flood the world with messages of hope, optimism and, above all… action! On Pobble you’ll find a ready-made lesson about Earth Day; its history and its impact.

It’s important that we ask ‘how can we make every day Earth day?’ and that we not only set a good example, but we educate our children about protecting our planet.

To get children thinking about the sustainability of Earth, we’ve created another special lesson for children aged 8–17. You can find it here. We’ve also created a list of 25 non-screen activities for children of all ages to help them reflect, debate and record their thoughts. Less screen time, equals less electricity used. That means we’re reducing our carbon footprint too! …

Plus an exclusive offer for newly qualified teachers…

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Being an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) can be tough, there’s absolutely no doubt about that. You suddenly have a new class, new routines and a whole lot of responsibility to contend with. To feel confident and able, establishing clear routines from the start can go a long way.

Pobble can help! We have research that shows Pobble will reduce teacher workload and improve writing attainment for your pupils.

Here we’ll share how Pobble will help you be effective in your teaching of writing from day one.

Plus — read on to find an exclusive discount for NQTs! …

Or to use as WAGOLLs or model texts 💡

There is something so unassumingly charming about a child’s outlook on life and if you can capture that in a piece of writing then it’s all the more delightful. That’s why Pobble is so well adored. It’s a treasure trove of children’s writing, a glimpse into the imaginative worlds of youngsters from all around the globe. Search the site by topic, genre, age group or school and you’ll find writing about everything from balloons to bears, pineapples to pirates.

We’ve picked out just a few feel-good pieces (there were so many to choose from) so whether you’ve had one of those days and need a little lift or simply want to make your day even better than it already was. …

When coming up with even more ideas to encourage children to step away from their screens and get creative, we noticed that food, cooking and recipe based activities really got the creative juices flowing. A quick search on Pobble, proved just that. There are hundreds of recipes and instructions to choose from. We could write our own recipe book! 🤔

The recipe book of Pobble, would be like no other; nowhere else would you find a collection of recipes quite like this…
The recipes from young writers around the world are delightfully good, utterly bonkers and sometimes downright outrageous!

Take a ‘recipe for a Pongy Pizza’ for example. We prefer ours with Pepperoni, but maybe this revolting recipe will tickle your taste buds? Or ‘a recipe to take you back in time?’ Perhaps instructions on ‘How to make a dirty doughnut’ would be more up your street? Or even, ‘How to turn your teacher into a beautiful fluffy kitten!’? …

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Love them or loathe them, there is no way of getting away from these colourful little creations. Emojis continue to take the world by storm and whilst they are often overlooked as just fun, insignificant images, they can be a powerful nonverbal cue to help communicate feelings. And…when used in a writing lesson they can inspire fun and creative work.

Here are 5 ways you can use emojis to inspire writing:

1. Emoji writing prompts

This simple site provides randomly generated emojis that can provide super writing prompts for your pupils. Can they write a story including all of the emojis? …

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We’re so proud of Pobble 365; we regularly hear how many teachers, parents and pupils around the world use it. As well as being recommended by the UK and South Australian Departments of Education, the site has recently been named in Waitrose’s 6 of the best websites to keep children happy!
If you didn’t already know, Pobble 365 offers a completely free, ready-made writing resource, 365 days a year!

What we also hear frequently however, is that teachers didn’t know Pobble offers so much more than Pobble 365… If you’re already a Pobble 365 user, you’ll love what you can do on, …

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During an episode of our newly launched podcast, we discussed ideas for non-screen activities that were not only educational, but fun too. The panel agreed unanimously that chalk is a brilliantly versatile learning tool. Panelist and Apple Distinguished Educator, Paul Tullock, even went so far as saying “chalk is king” and we have to agree!

When it comes to simple and effective outdoor learning ideas, there’s not much that’s more powerful than a piece of chalk. Whether it’s on the playground at school or on the pavement or driveway at home, the learning opportunities are endless! …


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