If someone asked you to describe your life in 1 single word what would it be? What do others think of you? I’ve been told by many many people i’m blunt to the point where they love it and except it. If it was up to me, i’d use the word Courageous to describe my self in the 20 years I've been alive. I know what your thinking how much can one person experience in just a short 20 years? Well shucks let me tell you!

Let’s start with my name… My name is Anna I’ve lived in California all my life where there’s mountains, trees, and extreme heat waves of death! I grew up being Home-schooled spent majority of my child hood and High school in my house at a table. NO I am not a unsocial freak who doesn’t know left from right! It’s come to my attention the older I get that society has put such a bad tag on Home-schoolers. Example A — Home school kids aren’t as well educated compared to the average kid in a public school. In my life and the many people I have become friends with have no clue how to use cursive writing. Why? Public school no longer teaches you that! Example B — Were sheltered individuals from society and knowing what there is to experience in this oh so big world. I am thee most social outgoing person you’re going to meet in this world! Often times I find my self being the center of attention cause my personality attracts others too me.

Alright enough about my School background that’s a whole blog within it self! So Anna tell us what is your life about? My life is NOT my own it belongs to the one who gave it to me — Jesus Christ! Yes I am a Christian, grew up in the Church and no matter how many times I tried to be “someone” else I always ended up back at Church. In this Church, I learned the importance of Jesus Christ and how my life should be a reflection of Him.. After 5 years of going there at the age of 16 this young man started coming his name is Jeremy D. Jeremy ended up becoming the Youth-Leader. Boom! We now have youth-group which at the time consisted of Jeremy, Jacob, Jess, and myself! Jeremy being the age 30 wasn’t sure how to run a youth-group but, knew in his heart this is God’s calling on his life is too be with Youth. 4 years go by of Jeremy being our Youth-Leader he takes the next step in God’s calling on his life. He becomes an official Ordained Pastor! Now we have our selves Youth-Pastor! Shout out to Jeremy! You’ll hear more about him later!

There’s my background with church! Pretty great huh!?! Let’s talk about high-school for a hot second! In my sophomore year I decided I want to become a Firefighter! So my mom pulled some strings and I got my self into ROP Fire Tech at the local highschool. I often times would sit alone so I can focus and absorbed it all in! Midway through the year this girl Katlin decided to sit with me and we hit it off! Katlin & I shared the same passion for this career of being a Firefighter.. We bonded over that idea and put %100 effort into this class.

Once the year ended we said our good byes and hoped to see each other sometime in the near future.. Junior year comes, Katlin and my self find each other back in the same class a little more grown up! We had this bright idea of switching numbers so we can keep in touch.. After junior year, we went our separate ways with the occasional text of hey whats up!?!?! My senior year had come a lot faster then I wanted and I found my self working as a volunteer at a local Fire Station at the age of 17! Not really having a solid knowledge of anything Firefighter related a close friend who worked as a Captain at that station enrolled me into the volunteer academy… Now i’m 17 in high school going to Fire Academy, school 4 days out of the week including my weekend I was overwhelmed with life and was high on adrenaline!! First night of Academy, this tall blonde nerd looking girl who I didn’t recognize had come over and kicked my table!! Talk about rude!! Little did I know this nerd was Katlin!! She introduced me too her friends she had met that night who consisted of Scottie, Ryan, James, Katlin, and my self. The 3 guys we’re older then us by a good chunk and had knowledge of Fire related stuff so we all became friends and became known as a clique in the Academy.

Fire Academy February 2015,

Our teacher had split up the class into several groups none of our clique ended up being together.. I was in Group 1 Chris, Jesse, and my self! 2 guys 1 girl I found my self being the guinea pig of the group. remember how I mentioned earlier I’m the center of attention? Yep that applies to this time in my life… Being the 5'1ft goober I am people were attracted to me and liked my humor! Whether they were making fun of me for being short, giving me advice, throwing pencils at me in class, eating lunch together, or helping me with homework.. I was happy and content with life!! 2 months go by of Academy our group continued to stay together and build up our friendships! The 5 of us eventually worked it out where we all sat at one table in the very back.. I was often in the middle playing footsie under the table or doodling in my book..

Many countless hours of sweat, blood, tears, being sick, tired, and trying to keep up with School I found my self falling deeper in love with this Family environment of being a Firefighter.. One of my favorite training we did that I tell everyone about, was our Confidence Course! Confidence Course — Being blind folded full PPE the whole deal. We had to go through this maze with our partner mine was Austin, who I had been getting rides with and became good friends with.. Never in my life have I relied on God so hard in life.. There was a point in the maze where I had gotten stuck and I could feel my self freaking out unable to move.. The captain was encouraging me “get your self free” “you can do it” “you got this”… None of that mattered though.. The only thing I could hear was my breathing of the SCBA… In & out… Slowly… I closed my eyes and repeated to my self quietly — — Jesus give me your strength I can’t do this on my own! I can’t how to explain it but I found my self at the end with the captain taking off my Mask and making sure I was ok. This lady came up to me and had said to me “I’ve never seen anyone so calm and composed how did you manage that?” In that moment I realized the power I had in relying in God’s strength.. Let’s skip ahead!!

Fire Academy May 2015, Graduation night!

Scottie, Ryan, James, Katlin, and myself had been waiting for this moment for what seemed to be ages!! In the time we spent together we had formed a bond that everyone had recognized even the Teachers acknowledged us. Not knowing what to expect that night I stood in front of a mirror in the bathroom.. Looking at myself how much I’ve changed, the muscle I gained, and the uniform of respect I was wearing.. Soon after we all walked out on stage in front of our friends and family, the time has come! After being seated and listening to some speeches given by Chiefs and fellow Classmates. Award ceremony had come! The only thing going through my mind at that point was how hungry I was…. LOL! Not knowing what was about to happen my thought process was interrupted by the clapping of hands and my name being called.. I was awarded most Improved Firefighter! Oh man had God blessed me that night I was incredibly over whelmed! So many people came up to me after and said I deserved it so many kind words were spoken to me..

And from night on I embarked on the start of my Career as a Firefighter.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you back!

God bless.

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