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Two new books got it right, in all it’s gory glory

I am very good at female friendship.

What this means is that I accept that the longer the friendship and the deeper the bond, the more there will be vexation, annoyance, betrayal, competition, misunderstanding and — perhaps worst of all — avoidance.

Anyone who has had a female friend of more than a year knows this. The girl who moved into the house next door when we were both nine and who still gets the first phone call when I have a family crisis knows this. The friends I’ve met through work know this. And my very best friend who…

Tips that will help your marriage survive a lockdown

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I just read that the divorce rate in China spiked 60 days after that country sent everyone home in the shut down to stop the spread of the Corona Virus. I’m not surprised. More people at home means more spouses are working at home. And that, my friends, is a tough transition.

Take it from me: I got a jump on everyone who has recently been sent home to enforce “social distancing.” Last October our dining room table became my desk, a move that followed by months my husband’s appropriation of…

And other book recommendations from an informal survey of grievers

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My friend who lost her husband last year found that she simply could not read. In fact, she needed not to read; her mind had too much else to process.

For me, it was the opposite. I wrote the last of many, many thank you notes to those who offered help as we said goodbye to my beautiful 21-year-old daughter. And then I retreated to the quiet of books. And I read. And I read. And I read.

During this period, four books were particularly comforting. These are the books I now give to those I love who find themselves…

BabyQuip’s learnings could help you get in front of millions of viewers

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We’re planning one heck of a viewing party.

Shark Tank has announced the line-up for its March 6, 2020 show. One of the four companies featured is, to quote the promo, “A mother-and-son duo from San Francisco, California (who) introduce their convenient and affordable solution to helping families pack light and travel easier with baby gear.”

That’s BabyQuip, a startup for which I’m an advisor and investor. The evening of the show, a lot of the team, friends, family, advisors, and investors who have been rooting for and building this company since 2016 will be watching and celebrating together as…

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A guide to using “conscious networking” to navigate the rough stuff.

You weren’t born knowing how to manage that divorce. Or, for that matter, how to raise a special needs child, negotiate a bankruptcy, or cope with the loss of a parent. And yet, here you are: Painfully aware that how you handle this transition will reverberate throughout the rest of your life.

Take a page from the handbook entrepreneurs use to start companies: Create a board of advisors for this transition. Invite individuals into your life who are qualified to help, who have the experience you don’t yet have.

Grief will change over time. I promise you.

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This is a memo to new members of The Grief Club, from a seven-year veteran. It will provide you with a sense of what may come on your journey, and a promise that tomorrow will be better than today.

I hit a remarkable milestone recently during church services when we were invited to take a moment of silence.

In my repose, I suddenly visualized a moment when my daughter was playing soccer on a team with her beloved next door bestie. She, an extrovert but not an athlete, saw her friend, an introvert with true skill, kick a goal. From…

Every Work Crisis Brings a Few Gifts

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No doubt about it, the situation is a crisis.

Harry and Meghan have fled “The Firm.” The Royal brand has taken a hit, and the couple’s huge event schedule needs to be divided among other members of the Royal Family. There is all-out havoc as already-burdened calendars get renegotiated in the wake of the Sussex departure.

But head’s up: Rather than just managing through this — stiff upper lip and all that — how about exploiting the upside? Every business crisis brings a few gifts.

The Four Gifts of a Crisis

No less a leader than your own great Winston Churchill is credited with saying: “Don’t…

Or, “The Help” updated to “La Ayuda”

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In 2009, my book club had just read The Help — Kathryn Sockett’s breakout debut novel about the African American domestic workers who cared for white families in the Jim Crow south. My friends and I expressed shock that women so intimately involved in a family’s life — some knew the children better than their parents did — were treated so poorly and were so little known by their employers.

We cast judgement on the behavior of the employers. We felt distant from those women who, after all, were in the South, and in the Sixties.

However, I was troubled…

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There’s simply nothing in work life more rewarding than building a team and watching it thrive. It’s also essential: Finding, Signing and Activating a team toward consistent and predictable action are the key drivers of most organizations’ success. Whether you need gig workers, influencers, volunteers, a team of salespeople, or independent representatives these three things are essential to achieving your “Squad Goals”.

If you feel that your organization is lagging on one or more of these, please know: You are not alone.

Below I’ll share a few tips. This is a somewhat risky endeavor. Whole books have been written on…

And the gift of protection against the worst question of them all.

Make a list of those you love, those whose loss would leave you forever changed, and those for whom your loss would be akin to a heavy blow across the knees. And then, write them a card. A card that tells them clearly how and why you love them.

What you may not know is that Grief is a monster with many weapons. When the worst happens, nothing is bolted down. Everything flies through the air and there are no schedules or routines to protect you.

And in…

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Still learning after a life full of lessons both professional (Journalist, CEO, Founder, CMO, serial entrepreneur, ) and personal (Mother of an Angel.)

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