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As someone who was a fan of Andreas I have a hard time swallowing all of her accusations. When she was first off the air she complained it had to do with her support of Trump. The network said it was about $. Then it was about a book, but in none of this until the Gretchan Carlson thing was it about harassment. Andrea has a big personality and is a pretty smart lady, but I just can’t buy this bit with Brown. Shame on all of these women if this is all true. Why now, Why when they are no longer on the network receiving a fat paycheck do they decide to go public. When I was molested I went and told about it right away. I have no sympathy for these women if this is true. Maybe if one had the balls to go public before now Ailes would be gone and no one else would have been affected. Think about it, Gretchan sat next to someone she said harassed her for 7 years, then gets her own show. Now she may have complained to the higher ups about her cohost, but never anywhere in there did she go public about the big gun. So I imagine that if she wasn’t canned all would be well.

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