Autumn. My Autumn.

Autumn for me is something special.

It is more than three months pass in a row.

Autumn brought me some of the best moments in my life. I don’t know why, but everything is just really cool in this part of the year. Except for the cold rains of course. But you known the cold air in the evening, oh God, it’s marvelous. It’s like the freshest air you can feel in any year. And the trees, all yellow, I understand that for them it is not the most precious time, but Jesus, those leaves look gorgeous. And the they fall, if you just sit on a bench in any park of the world in autumn, and relax just a little bit, you’ll enjoy the most beautiful balley of the year. The fall and spin, and go with the wind in a beautiful rhythm.
And the least but the last is the nap you have after walking in that fresh and marvelous air. The tea is delicious and warm as never, as the blanket is warm and comfortable.
I could say more and more things that I like about autumn but I’ll stop here and I’ll just hope that autumn will remain to be as awesome year after year.

Alex Leu.

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