Let’s speak about taste.

I wish that people around me would have a better sense of taste in everything.

I wish that there would be taste lessons at school. Imagine a world with a better taste. It’s just brilliant. Everyone wearing clothes that are made by people that prioritize quality the most.

Even the simplest hot dog would be top-most delicious, because it was made by a perfectionist. Or even most of those stupid commercials we see and hear today would be so worthless, because even their creators would be against them. And this would open a new pathway for good quality products, or at least a trend towards them. It would be like a good combination of hormones and logic all in one, well you know when you are satisfied with something even when you think of it, not just remember emotions about stuff.
You we’ll ask me why do we need this? We’ll it’s just cool to have more rules to break, and more people with common interests.

Alex Leu.

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