Recollection of my childhood.

The happiest moment of my childhood was the day when I was returning home from a camp where I was planning to spend about two weeks.

This story began with the fact that I didn’t really want to go to any camps at all that summer. But my parents decided that I need to try something new so they sent me that camp totally ignorant of my opinion.

So it was day to day three when I was at that camp. I made a friend there she was my age, and she was the only person that spoke Russian at least at basic level, the rest were speaking Romanian and I wasn’t.

So the time moved along we spent time together having some fun like swimming in the river and going to disco and of course we had some awkward village fun like looking at cows and goats. So this was day four where all fun resources have ended for me and I just had to take my phone and call my dad so he could take me out of here. So I called him that morning and I was like “Daddy, take me out of here, it’s boring, the food is awful and everyone speaks romanian!”. He went after me immediately so was my stuff ready for his arrival. I waited for him all day, my girlfriend didn’t want to talk to me as if I betrayed her. So it was like 9pm when my father came on the last bus, that didn’t want to wait for me. But this didn’t break my desire to get out of that place. So me and my father decided to walk along the road and hope that we’ll catch a car that was heading the same direction as we were. It was late night, the stars were shining bright, everything else was creepy dark, but I didn’t care because I was with my father. It was actually a lot of fun walking with him, I didn’t have that much fun in four days at the camp. He was telling me jokes, funny stories, we were fooling around and stuff. And suddenly our luck’s headlights flashed in to our backs it was a car that was going to take us back to Chisinau. And as a chance of one in a million the driver was an old friend of my father. So the road home was yet again full of jokes, funny stories and of course joy and happiness in the air. It was so great that for an hour or so I fell in a great and warm sleep on the back seat. And when I woke up I and my father were lucky to take the last bus traveling around that took us home in no time.

The camp was horrible — the road back home was miraculous. I’ll never forget that magical trip back home.

Alex Leu

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