What makes me waste my time?

What makes me waste my time? My soul. This is the best answer.

My mind is always about work and stuff I have to do or even what I want to do. And I do all of that. But after a period of time I stop and just let my soul handle my time. I can read some articles about beautiful stuff, I search for beautiful dresses on the web, I imagine how they’d look on me while listening to some good music. Or I just sit down and watch a movie and let it take my mind away. 
At moments this time wasting can be called laziness, but most of the time it is just pure tiredness. I am often tired of the university (before this it was school), home chores, home works, people around me. It’s just that desire of letting go of everything for some time that makes me waste my time. And I guess that I’m not alone on this. Many of who I know have this same desires to let go of time control. And if they and I do this, I guess that the rest of the world has the same time wasting instincts.
I know that this stuff is ineffective while considering the future, but sometimes because of our past and our thoughts on the future we forget about that very gold that the day of today is.

That time wasting that I and you my friends do might have not existed the way it is if would a little bit more of what we want while bringing our futures together. Or maybe the term “time wasting” exists because we don’t really have a reason to do what we are doing or we don’t know it. We are told and we do. But we still consider that important and what we do while “wasting time” is a true call of our nature but we still try to diminish that by calling it a “waste”. Who knows? Nobody. It is just the way we live and the way our existence worked for millenniums.

So to sum it up, I think that the best thing would be to continue to live the way we do know: do some important stuff and waste some time from time to time.

Alex Leu.