Lawyers have begun to blog about corrupt judges.

Naturally the judges don’t like it. Naturally it’s better that no one tells on you if you are corrupt.

When judges make justice unattainable and when it becomes a power play — a nod here and a wink there — then it has become a perversion. While the poor schnooks paying to be heard for their day in court play their parts and think it makes a difference, they are being manipulated behind the scenes.

Though we never met and live in different states, Judge Susan Rankin of Dallas Texas entered my life and my computer. I began one little page yakking about some of her abuse and the floodgates opened. People from as long ago as ten years contacted me and told me their stories. Apparently this precious holder of the gavel liked to take babies from Mommies. Some Mommies never recovered. Some babies were still nursing when they were torn from their mothers at Susie’s behest.

My writing about her grew and grew as more people fed me information. “Truth”, I told them, “I only want truth”. Show me the evidence, I will not just take your word. I didn’t want to be accused of slander by a Dallas judge. But we had plenty of dirt with proof and I spilled the ink on her and come election night, color her gone.

When she was still a judge Susan Rankin said, “It doesn’t matter what I do in the courtroom, Jesus will forgive me.” While it’s popular for Bible thumpers to stop a conversation in its tracks by intoning “Because the Bible says so.”, we hold our judges to a higher standard. We expect them to think.

Jesus as excuse doesn’t cut it. If Susan wants to frame her actions by cloaking them in religion, it would do her well to remember what Plato tells us, “To do injustice is the greatest of all evils.”

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