Matrimonial Geography

In the land of matrimony the terrain is amazing in its variety. Poppy fields of bliss give way to rocky landscapes as barren as moonscapes and on to babbling brooks where peace and calm are tethered and high mountains that test one’s climbing skills are scaled and they lead back to valleys of delight, and on to placid, predictable moors.

The road signs point in many directions. They direct to Love, and Blame, to Acceptance and Forgiveness, onward to Boredom and Anxiety, to Weariness and Excitement, and Amazement and Knowingness, some to Manipulation and Teasing, and back to Love with detours to Hate and Who Cares.

The mind has its geography as neural pathways emerge as it ponders, is this a Dead-End? Am I on a path called Faith and what good is that? Can I call this Real and how will I know? Have I researched enough, where are the maps? Can I buy a GPS for this terrain? Is there a scientific method to this madness?

And love whispered back, “It is neither faith nor science, it is as yet unmeasured, though observed, and the quantum physics of love may one day be teachable, downloadable or inherited but now, it is what it is and if you have it, you know it and that is as good as it gets.”

As the mind questions, the body learns, and the lessons come as an endless loop feedback system and soon the bodymind is one and lovers learn to speak in poetry and call it love as they find

Such Delight

There is such delight

in our gentle rocking of the night.

Lick me, love

Lick my love

and let me tremble.

Take your finger to the petal and let it glide.

We give each other gifts in this wrapped up package

that is us.

I was made for this music,

play me with your instrument

and drown out any other sound,

Let me form the O around you

and take you, complete.

Bury yourself in me,

This woman thing is yours

violent in its need,

gentle in its touch.

This is firecrackers in dull November!

This is Christmas in July!

This is a free-fall,

a mountain top,

a whirlwind!

This must surely be

The Greatest Show on Earth!

There is such delight

in our gentle rocking of the night.

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