My Life: Versions One and Two


We all have a story.

Mine is this: Mom and Dad gave me away when I was a baby and I never saw them again. I did not go to a happy home. It was a big house and we had lots of money. Dad was a doctor and Mom was the doctor’s wife who gave lavish dinner parties. I had summers in Europe. I married a guy from Wharton undergrad and Penn law, we moved to Vermont, he became a drug dealer and I grabbed the kids and ran to the west coast after building a house in the woods. No child support and I worked several jobs to support them as I put myself through graduate school at Stanford.

I worked in the computer industry and then married again and had another child.

We divorced and he stole my inheritance, left us with no money for food and took up with a gold digger and spent child support on her, defrauded me and the IRS and took me to the Court of Appeals where he lost.

That’s the bad news story.

I also have this story.

As a child I got an amazing education at a Quaker school, then at Penn, Goddard, Antioch and Stanford. I met interesting people all the time. I’ve written books, published in academic journals, founded a non-profit, lectured at Stanford, worked as an editor, had some amazing relationships, have wonderful friends, a sense of adventure and curiosity and fall in love with the world and all its lessons over and over. Bringing up 3 kids with no complaints about parenting them — what a gift that is.

My work brings people to me from all over the world and I admire and respect them for their courage and strength. I study happiness and call it to my heart so I can live without complaints on the things that matter. I am grateful for the messiness of life and embrace it.