Silicon Valley is Dead
Micah Baldwin

What’s changing is the world and the concept of tech and its place in the world. You don’t start a tech company today. All companies are tech companies now — as that becomes understood it is inevitable that the role of Silicon Valley will change. When I got here (Palo Alto) many were telling me I missed the best: hippies and activism. No one knew Homebrew was meeting and about to incorporate some of the hippies and the activism — Woz likes to talk about how one of the goals of personal computing was to take computers out of the hands of government and academia and give it to the people. DONE! The people — everywhere — have computing power. And the Valley will evolve, change, morph in resposne — yes, VC’s included but if the VC’s stay out of touch with what change is really going on — and some are clueless — they will not themselves survive.