40 Places to Educate Yourself Online for Free


Admit it.

All education is self-education. Whether sitting in a coffee shop, in a college classroom or at home, we learn what we want to learn. Right?

Those people who pursue knowledge on their own are the ones who earn a real education. Infant any successful scholar, entrepreneur will admit self-education is a continuous process.

If you want to learn anything new, here is your resource content.

1. John Hopkins Courseware-The school offers more than a hundred courses to those who want to improve health and prevent disease around the world.

2. Yale Courses-Learn Liberal arts education and improve your creative imagination.

3. Utah State OpenCourseWare-It offers a collection of education materials to those interested to learn, improve and progress.

4. The Science Forum-Have a question about science? This is the place to ask.

5. Free Science and Video lectures-A collection of videos on philosophy and science.

6. My Own Business Institute-Interested in starting your own business? The topics cover a wide range of topics.

7. Open Education Consortium-It’s equivalent to the lectures in an undergraduate chemistry degree.

8. Biography-A collection of biographies or popular historical figures.

9.Dream-in-codes-A place for those interested in computer programming and web development

10. Wikiversity-Interested in computer science? You will be able to create and participate in learning projects and learning resources.

11. Free Computer Tutorials-You don’t need to have any computer basics to join the course beginners start here.

12. Programmer 101-Teach yourself how to code here

13. math.com-From kindergarten math to algebra for all levels.

14. School of mathematics-You want to gain knowledge in mathematics or contribute? This is the place.

15. Open Yale Courses (English)-The course is designed to develop you to understand American English and other literatures of English

16. Grammar and Writing-To improve your English language start here.

17. Mango Languages-Learn over 70 languages and culture

18. iTunes Education-Brings your classroom together through slides, films…from hundreds of universities.

19. Discovery Channel-Go discover different networks that focus on travel, animals…

20. Rosetta Project-The project is aimed at working to build a library for all human languages.

21. Google Scholar-You can search for books, court opinions, academic publishers etc.

22. Coursers-About 1805 courses from data Science to learning how to learn. Check it out.

23. Open Permaculture School-learn about energy, rain catchment, food forest, garden design…

24. You Tube Edu-Organized videos on different topics such as business, languages, universities, medicine…

25. Alison-Free courses on everything with over 700 courses.

26. Science Buddies-A place you can find science fair projects.

27. University of Reddit-Learn about anything from videography to how to draw human eyes using a pencil.

28. Codecademy-Learn to code interactively for free.

29. Annaberg learner-A great resource for teachers for professional development across curriculum.

30. Music Theory-have a desire to learn music?

31. NPTEL-Knowledge is free-courses in engineering science and humanities.

32. Memrise-Learn new language with laughter

33. Hot free books-More than 20,000 full text free books.

34. LingoPass-Another great site for teachers and students

35. P2pu-Learning circles for those interested in taking courses together or in-person.

36. Math concentration-Are you a parent seeking a strong partial support from other parents? Worth checking.

37. TED-A place where ideas are worth spreading.

39. Qi-A place worth visiting.

40.Saylor Academy-12 main courses on business administration, economics and mechanical engineering.

Your turn-What resource did I leave out?

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