We can’t let days speed past without giving them thought, because this is the way we become lost. This is how we run in circles, because we haven’t stopped long enough to find a direction. Our life can run away with or without us attached to it and, while it seems we are the driver and conductor of whatever exists in our lives, anyone with life experience knows this isn’t the truth.
To Anyone Who Has Lost Themselves:
Jamie Varon

It is so easy to go on auto-pilot. Following the motions of existence. Or possibly waiting for something to change. The big breakthrough, having enough money, settling down with a partner.

It takes effort and a practice of being present and taking stock to fully live in the now. To not follow the path of escapism. To make a good meal, sit down and savour the flavour. To feel the sunshine on your face. To not be elsewhere, outside of your body, thinking about your big project at work.

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