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I am a traveler. Photographer. Writer. Teacher. Skydiving instructor. Adventure enthusiast. Nature lover. And fell in love with the African continent.

Wasting my time uploading photographs isn’t fun

Being a travel writer in Africa comes with a lot of sweating, swearing, and getting creative in many ways. Sweating due to the scorching sun. Swearing due to the lack of fast Wifi. And getting creative due to finding a way of getting a better internet connection.

The signature of my writing are photographs which are telling my stories together with my words. Taking those photographs is one story. But uploading them onto the world wide web is a totally different challenge.

If you’re living and working predominately on the African continent you will face the issue sooner or later…

Surrounded by forest, two Buddha statues, and a whisky distillery

The birds are singing as the sun is disappearing behind the forest. The church bell is ringing. It’s six o’clock. In this town people still know the time by the sound of the bell. It’s nostalgic. Peaceful. And so full of life.

It has been another lovely day in this laid-back village in the countryside of Germany. Inhaling the fresh air I am taking a deep breath while appreciating my life. I couldn’t have imagined a better place to live in. A better place than this fairytale village.

I’ve never been a city girl. Couldn’t have ever imagined living in…

With the blooming tulips, I get to smile again

Once you start capturing the beauty of flowers you can’t stop. After every corner, every front- and backyard you’ll find another one. Another beautiful blooming flower that has to get on camera.

The moment you do see the real beauty in nature you can’t help yourself but share it with others. You are so grateful for all the time you get to explore nature. Appreciation is why you want to put it out there. For others to see it as well.

There is something about flowers and hope. Women get flowers from their admirers. Why? Because the guy hopes she’ll…


Your life is as good as your mindset

While the first ones are running out of travel stories we have the next group of avid travelers already talking about their next planned adventures. The world is still upside down, in some ways at least, and while many still can’t think of taking their next holiday I would like to enlighten the mood with the next writing prompt.

If we share happiness, we double it. There’s a German saying about it and I like the message it’s sending out. If you share your happiness with someone else you make this other person a little happier too. …

More spring beauty captured on several walks in the countryside

The cherry trees were the first ones to bloom. First the wild ones. Then the industrialized ones. Later the apple trees started to show some buds. And together with the pear trees, they began to blossom all at the same time.

And soon the entire valley was in full color. Blossoms were stretching across several layers of trees. In the village. On the fields. And even at the edges of the forest. It looked like a festival of colors.

It is a festival of colors.

Or letting go

For any species on earth, it is a special moment. The Moment the young ones leave their parents behind and have to fend for themselves. It’s a big step ahead into an independent life.

It’s a moment of freedom. A moment of pride. Strength. And adulthood. But it is also a moment of fear. Fear of the unknown coming ahead. Every child wants to be grown up as quickly as possible. But once that moment is near most pull back and do admit they miss their parents.

I just got to witness one of those special moments in nature. Wildlife…

When the flower is the artist

I have been fascinated by the variety and beauty of flowers for a few years now. But I never paid attention to them once they withered. The moment a flower dropped its blossoms it lost my attention.

But then I posted pictures of this lovely Anemone a few weeks ago when Louise Peacock commented on my piece. She just recommended keeping a lookout for them when they are done blooming.


Life in the countryside

It’s a lovely Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining and it is getting warm on our terrace. The fire is crackling in the background while I close my eyes to soak in some of the warm rays of sunshine.

It’s my husband’s birthday but it is a different one. The previous birthdays I always organized some sort of an escape into the desert. A camp somewhere far away from civilization.

Even last year, amidst the pandemic I could motivate some close friends to come out with us and spend a night under the stars.

But this year is different. Not…

The beauty of nature on my doorstep

What is anyway the difference between a wildflower and a, how should I say “normal” flower? Aren’t they all just flowers? Plants that bloom. Plants that blossom in their brightest colors and fullest strength.

It’s us humans who gave them names. Put them in categories. And placed them into boxes. Because we need to put everything into boxes. In a literal way. We need to categorize things into species. So we can understand them. And know their behavior. We think.

But for nature, they are all just flowers. Beautiful flowers that serve their part in the environment. Blossoms that attract…


Week 38 of the photographic documentary of my daily life

After our initial winter experience in April in Germany, it is now getting warmer. Day by day. The sun comes out and every day gets a little warmer than the previous one.

We’ve done lots of hikes as usual. Exploring the forest as it is turning slowly green. The branches are filled with tiny buds and the forest floor is covered in all sorts of sprouts.

I’ve walked around with my camera in my hand most of the time because of all the blooming spring flowers.

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