Doritos 2014 vs. Doritos 2013

2014: Doritos Cowboy Kid:

Doritos “Cowboy Kid” is a humorous advertisement that most people can relate with due to having older or younger siblings. This advertisement is about two brothers who are racing to see who can get the bag of Doritos chips from the car. The older brother is the first to get ahold of them but then the little brother then lasso’s the chips and ends up beating his brother to it. The little brother then ties up his older brother. His mother congratulates him since she knows that his older brother was being rude in the beginning.

The target audience is boy to families or young boy siblings. The company was identified in the first ten seconds of the advertisement once the mother stepped away from the car to reveal the bag of Doritos Chips. The exposition was when the mother said, “I don’t know can you? Guess you don’t want Doritos” in the very beginning of the advertisement to the older son. Next, the rising action was when you see the older brothers face and he makes a run to the car. After, the climax is the moment that the little brother successfully snags the bag of Doritos with his lasso from his older brother. The resolution is when the younger brother is on his dog and he takes a bite of the Doritos chip. Lastly, the denouement was when the younger brother ties his older brother up and their mom is congratulating her younger son on beating his older brother to the Doritos chip bag.

2013: Doritos Goat 4 Sale:

Doritos “Goat 4 Sale” is a humorous advertisement between a man and his goat he got at a sale in someone’s front yard. They both love Doritos chips so much but after the man shows the goat his pantry of Doritos chip bags it is game over for the night. The goat eats all 156 bags of chips and the next day when the goat looks in the pantry and there are no more bags left he is furious. The goat starts breaking anything that he sees. He walks into the mans room and finds all of the bags of Doritos chips surrounding him and a huge sign that he is painting that says “GOAT 4 SALE”. He man looks frightened because he got caught and the goat shuts the door closed with his back foot.

This story was targeted to men and the company was identified in the first five seconds of the advertisement. The exposition was when the man found a goat that was eating out of a bag of Doritos and the previous owner of his goat in a neck brace sitting down in the front of his yard. Next, the inciting incident was when the man showed the pantry of the Doritos chip bags to the goat. After, the rising action was when the goat kept chomping on each of the 156 bags of Doritos nonstop for hours and the owner cannot sleep. The climax was when the goat opened the pantry for more Doritos and it was empty. The falling action is when the goat starts to break everything and runs into the mans room. Lastly, the denouement was when the goat shuts the door with his back foot.

I think that the 2014 Doritos advertisement was stronger than the 2013 Doritos advertisement because “Cowboy Kid” has a resolution where “Goat 4 Sale” does not have a resolution but has a falling action and denouement instead. I also think that more people can relate to “Cowboy Kid” more because the advertisement is family oriented and most people has been there with either a sibling or cousin of racing to get the bag of chips first. Honestly I forgot about the “Goat 4 Sale” advertisement but “Cowboy Kid” I have watched numerous times. Also, a lot of people I think find it humorous and relatable. Lastly, “Cowboy Kid” can be shared by anyone because no matter your age or gender you most likely can relate to sibling rivalry.