Krochet Through Life

Akot Beatrice: A Portrait of Empowerment was a single video story, produced by Krochet Kids International and posted on YouTube. This was a factual story about Beatrice’s real life living in Uganda and how her life changed the better after working for Krochet Kids Intl. The content expressed in the video was about the company, which was represented through a story that could be personable or relatable to people around the world through education. Beatrice’s family never had a good life growing up; they had no clothes, no bedding and all they ate very poorly. One day while she was sitting on the sidewalk curb she was asked to do an interview. She went without hopes and dreams, thinking nothing would good could happen. Luckily, she got a job at Krochet Kids Intl., which made her feel rejuvenated and overjoyed once she arrived on the job. She learned many valuable lessons about who she was as a person, what it meant to be a leader, how to take good care of her family, and she gained valuable farming skills. Above all she has learned how to communicate with confidence.

Throughout her ten years at Krochet Kids Intl. the skills that she learned helped her earn a bicycle, goats, motorbike, farm with many produce crops and a shelter over her head. These rewards that she has earned helped motivate her forward. She planned so many things for her future and felt good knowing that someone would replace her since she had worked there for many years. As her time came to an end at Krochet Kids Intl. it was the beginning of someone else’s life story.

Three guys started this non-profit organization in January of 2008. Although not labeled in the story clearly, Krochet Kids Intl. has helped lift over 150 women and their families out of poverty. The goal was to teach women in Uganda personal budgeting, savings, loading and business management. Also, equipping them with financial assets and knowledge to help them in the long run. These women are receiving an education and being mentored toward a better and brighter future in creating gifts that give back. Skype meetings were held with a group of women in Uganda and a basket of yarn, which helped officially start this non-profit organization in a community that needed it most.

This video represented a personal story that Krochet Kids Intl. normally does not do, which made her life story even more interesting. It was told through her personal story instead of only the company, which represented a new and emotional ways to get the word our about poverty, empowerment and a true story to promote the organization. Beatrice’s story was moving, powerful and motivating how much Krochet Kids Intl. helped empower her into the successful woman that she became and still is today. This piece of content was discussed on social media to share a true story about a woman who came from nothing and worked so hard to gain hope and knowledge to achieve her dreams.

Companies could take away many lessons form her story. First, through her story other non-profit organizations could learn to find a co-workers story that inspire others and gives them hope that life can be great wit help and resources needed. Next, they should not talk about poverty in a negative light; use it to empower others who are in poverty to live the life that they always wanted for themselves and their families. Also, for organizations to be able to help there workers grow and change their lives for the better. Lastly, help inspire others to achieve their dreams and believe in themselves, to live the life they always wanted, even when they don’t believe.
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