You had something most people don’t have and it made all the difference in the world.
Ken Rudich

I’ve just read this article and I absolutely loved it ! So thanks you Brandon for sharing your story with the medium community. I feel I’m not alone and I’m glad to know that other people around the world have already faced such a spiritual quest at some point in their lives.

Then, I’ve seen your comment Ken. And I think my personal experience can bring kind of “piece of evidence” to this conversation. The question sounds like « do we need money to start over and have the life we want ? »

I’m actually in that “getting lost” path. Nine months ago, I failed my bar exam and decided to quit the firm I was working for as a tax advisor (my company was one of the “Big Four”). And all of this, only because I didn’t know myself enough when I made my career choices. I doubted so much and I didn’t feel happy at work. As far as I had that “what was wrong” reflexion, I realized I wasn’t in the right place and decided to “initiate the search”.

At this very moment, I had no money + a student credit. Yes, I haven’t planned to quit and I spent my savings on my bar exam plus some free time.

Anyway, I chose to make the leap and trust the Universe, despite my rational mind. I never did that before. I’m currently working as a receptionist while I’m trying to find my “what’s next”. Being a receptionist give me a lot of free time so as 1) I can work on evening business events and met a lot of interesting people 2) I can start the blog I’ve always wanted to create 3) I can read a lot and learn. I know I won’t stay a receptionist, it’s just the first step for what comes next . I’m actually living this assumption : “when we let go, we allow ourselves to experience life as the Universe intends us to”. I can confirm it’s true.

My point is just to prove that we don’t need money or financial security to “initiate the search” and start our own journey to reverse the course. It’s more about what you feel in your heart and what kind of person you want to become. Of course, with money, you can enjoy some peaceful retreats, met some extraordinary shaman and invest in some worthy life coaching. But in the end, the only thing that counts is your decision to change and the belief the Universe will bring you the money you need to achieve your goals. By failing to pass my bar exam and taking the decision to “initiate the search”, I can truly understand this Dalai Lama speech : “remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck”. A couple of months ago, I would have seen this sentence as an absolute bullshit.

Brandon and Ken : I wish both of you the best !

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