The current dining experience is as unique as the creators making the dishes

TThough I am, by many accounts, my father’s daughter, my mother has given me two of my most indelible features: her looks and her love of vinegar. One of the first dishes she ever made me was sinigang, an indigenous soup unique for its sour and savory flavor profile —…


(For the next two weeks, I’ll be doing a series on Rio, the Olympics and my encounters with Brazilian culture. This is the first in that series.)

Tonight, all eyes are on Rio as its rocky Olympic journey enters a new phase…

April is a valley of rain, and women

stirring their silence to a boil.

I knife myself into pieces / lay myself out

for the fleshy, pink moon that never comes.

In this season of cloud and clay and water

poured over, I am almost formed:

a woman with a…

I’m a different animal in the winter than I am in the summer. I’m much more introspective, more contemplative at this time of the year — as I’m sure many others are.

When I get in this mood, I turn to poems — mostly, those by other women. Nothing against…

I feel like the old lady on Snapchat. My snaps aren’t filled with me in curve-hugging dresses or some dimly lit club erupting with bass. My eyebrows are almost never on fleek and bae never makes an appearance.

What my snaps are filled with are grad school assignments, one-liners, good hair days and a little story-telling experiment I like to call “Snap-umentaries.”

This weekend, I took a time out from writing a story to go out and Snap a story about my first Ramen burger.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry (I did). And, if you haven’t had dinner, you’ll probably feel a little bit hungry.

Anne Branigin

Writer, Twerk Team reject and fish taco advocate.

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