Forget Guilt, Be Responsible

When I walked into my psychology class tonight, I didn’t think I would learn that guilt is a nonessential emotion and is overall useless in our lives.

For all the people who know me, know that I will feel guilt over the smallest things; even if whatever it is that I feel guilty for isn’t my fault. This characteristic is notably one of my biggest downfalls. While I never knew that until I stepped into psychology, I am so happy I know that now.

Rather than guilt, people should feel responsibility for their actions. Only then, can someone change the behavior they feel guilty for. If a person takes responsibility, then they are more likely to make up for their actions. Why waste the time over meaningless guilt, when you can make yourself a better person by cleaning up your messes and fixing them?

If a person only feels guilt they are more than likely going to keep doing you wrong. Guilt teaches nothing. Guilt just says “I feel like I did something wrong, rather than punish me just know that I know I did something wrong.” While yes, everyone makes mistakes, this can set someone up to believe that feeling guilt will give automatic forgiveness, and that as long as the person feels guilt afterwards, they can get away with the behavior again.

These are the kinds of people you don’t want in your life. These are the people who will take advantage over and over again. However you also don’t want to be this person. You will get yourself stuck in a rut. You also save yourself the crippling feeling of guilt by making up for what you did wrong.

The point being though, forget guilt. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and just forget guilt even existed. This emotion is a waste of time, and an excuse to not be the best person that you can be. Also by forgetting guilt, you take away the weapon of those who try to guilt you for their benefit.

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