Reasons and principles to start a sustainable design strategy

The Internet doesn’t come out of a vacuum.

As for many, I didn’t realize the impact of digital on the planet. It represents 3,8% of Greenhouse Gas Emission in 2019 (GreenIT), sensitively the same amount as aviation and it will continue to grow, even more with 5G coming. But after the guilty phase that followed my awareness of digital pollution, it became clear that I have a responsibility, as a user and even more as a designer.

In its 2019 report, hierarchized the different sources of the impact of the digital world on the environment as follows, in descending order of…

Part 1 — User research

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Design is an evolving and mutating discipline. Each designer has his/her own definition of design. As a designer myself, I’m still learning the multiple facets of my job. And today I have come to the conclusion that it is better to speak about the diversity of expertises than just a job.

Can you imagine the vast amount of expertise behind this profession? Do you know the multitude of tools to master in this position?

Today I share with you the first part of a personal production. For this first publishing I choose to talk about user research.

This is not an exhaustive inventory of what we, designers, do during the user research phase. This is not a methodology. This is not a journey. This is a new kind of tool that aims to communicate and to raise awareness about what we do and how we do it. …

Anne-Audrey Gounot

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