Angular Insights #14

As former Head of Digital for ad giant BBDO in Tel Aviv, Chief Innovation Officer at Silver + Partners in New York, and Founder of Playground, Guy Poreh has worked with a wide range of companies, including Wix, HYPR and Aquant.

Guy Poreh is also an Advisory Partner at Angular Ventures, where he advises companies on marketing tactics and strategy with an emphasis on US market entry. He has worked hands-on with several of our portfolio companies, including Aquant, Crux OCM, Planable, and Vault.

In a recent talk, Guy focused on five key mistakes startups make in implementing their marketing…

Flight delay? Not forever.

Angular Insights #15

From day one, Angular Ventures has been focused on investing in companies that are chasing a truly global opportunity. For most startups, that means a focus on expanding to the US market very early on.

We’ve been helping founders from Europe and Israel cross the Atlantic chasm to build category leaders in the US for well over a decade. The consistent lesson of our experience is that enterprise startups which focus on the US benefit immensely — from growing sales, easing the fundraising process, accessing top talent and strategic partners, etc. …

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed our world. Within a few months, society has been completely upended as a result of the virus and the attempts to curb its spread. While this story is still being written and it’s impossible to know exactly how the situation will unfold, it’s evident that virtually every company will be impacted by the pandemic — including startups. How has the pandemic affected startups thus far? And how have startups responded to this novel situation?

In an effort to support the European and Israeli startup community, Angular Ventures is researching these important questions. We are…

As the Coronavirus continues to spread worldwide with over a 120K cases as of March 11, governments, companies and individuals have begun taking steps to contain and delay the spread of COVID-19. One of the most recommended methods for delaying the spread is “social distancing”, keeping people at home as much as possible. Data from previous pandemics, like the 1918 flu, demonstrate that social distancing is an effective method for reducing the overall number of cases and fatalities.

Many companies have adopted or expanded remote work policies during this time to limit the spread of the novel Coronavirus. For some…

Habana Labs founder and chairman, Avidgor Willenz

Issue #68: For the two weeks ended December 20, 2019

Good morning from sunny Tel Aviv and welcome to the last Angular enterprise tech newsletter of 2019.

Year-end. Anecdotally, most VCs I speak with are saying that December 2019 has been the busiest December they can remember in terms of the volume of opportunities and the number of investments that seem to be taking place. This certainly seems true from our vantage point. Whether you are working to close the quarter or to close the round, we hope you hit your numbers, we hope you have some time to enjoy…

Anne Augusta Blum

Head of Platform @ Angular Ventures

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