2020 Tech Predictions
2020 Tech Predictions

With the end of our year (and decade) approaching and the proliferation of pumpkin spice, it is now time to make predictions! As a milestone year, 2020 marks a new beginning and a great opportunity to pause and consider what lies ahead. It will be far cooler to say the 20s rather than the ‘aughts’ or the ’10s, which quite frankly felt awkward. What is especially weird is the fact that Blade Runner was set in 2019…

Where’s my space car?

The following are some tech trends I predict will make an impact in the next year — and the…

Every year I close it out by taking stock of what’s happened but also looking towards the next year. Will it be cool? Will it be weird? It seems like the time of year to start talking about what 2019 will hold for us. Please enjoy my predictions.

Brands will continue to polarize

As the world becomes more polarized, so will brands. People want to feel things before making purchasing decisions… Value-based marketing will far surpass branding-style or generic platitude-filled marketing messages. Expect more companies to follow Nike’s lead on elevating polarizing figures and ethical issues in order to insert…

Image via Whirl magazine

Last year we rode off into the #MeToo sunset feeling some form of justice with the public downfall of so many bad actors. Globally we felt a powerful reaction to the recognition of a shared problem. Since then, I have grown tired of feeling shocked by the headlines.

Now it feels like we’re revving up for another round of fireworks. From Charlie Rose to Scoble, the bad actors have been signaling they’re ready to return to life in the spotlight. Louis C.K. began doing his comedy again publicly. These individuals don’t matter, because men like them never left. …

Since 2010 San Francisco has been my home. Extraordinary possibilities surround us every day, in the land of geek and home to the irreverent. I love what I do and where I do it, for 20 years I have only ever worked in technology. Despite my optimism, however, in the past few years it’s become clearer and clearer to me how all the opportunities here are not manifesting the same way for all of us.

There simply aren’t enough female leaders in technology, especially women of color. Increasing female leadership requires higher visibility and motivation, i.e. women like me to…

From an early age technology enchanted me. Notions of the future electrified my young mind. Hungrily I watched old reruns of Star Trek and James Bond movies just to catch a glimpse of the gadgets they’d use. When my career transitioned from web development to analytics (SEO) about ten years ago, the title of data scientist didn’t quite fit, so instead I called myself a Futurist.

Back when I declared myself a Futurist my contemporaries were mostly statisticians and fortune-tellers. Futurism had not yet become a profession, it functioned more like a fan club. Now it feels like a crowded…

Announcing the winners of this year’s Pitch My House SXSW contest!

For many women 2017 was a year of reckoning and realization about the pervasiveness of sexism, we women have had enough. This year is an extra-special year at SXSW, because it’s the first time I’ve dedicated my annual contest slash makeshift social experiment exclusively for the ladies.

To counterbalance and begin to change the gender dynamics that have formed we have to reach across our traditional boundaries to help and empower those out of our immediate social spheres. Growth often means a little discomfort. …

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making serious technical progress over the last several years, but not in the political sense. Tech giants like Microsoft and Google, and online retailers like Amazon, have found new ways to accelerate their products using AI-driven algorithms. AI isn’t exactly the correct term, however — at least not in the sense that general consumers know it, in regard to machines like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey or Skynet in the Terminator movies. There’s a difference between AI and Machine Learning, but it’s such a new concept for the zeitgeist, the two are easily confused.

Image of downtown Austin (via Pexels)

Ladies, come stay with us (for free) at SXSW!

2017 was kind of… rough for many of us, but 2018 is going to be #YearOfWomen! This year’s 4th Annual Pitch My House contest at SXSW is entirely dedicated to the ladies! This contest has a bit of a (fun) history. Previous startup winners were Funny or Die, Helpshift and others. We’ve hosted celebrities such as Chris Mintz-Plasse and the Young Rapscallions, etc. I started this contest 6 years ago after the distress of having some renters trash my house in Austin. …

Me, the “Mother of Startups” on CNN in October 2017

Dearest internet,

My 2017 can best be categorized as a year of thrills offset by torment.


  • Finished writing my first book. O’Reilly published it.
  • Saved UploadVR.
  • Made the NY Times, interviewed on on CNN and others.
  • I left UploadVR.
  • Picked up the pieces…
  • So, you’re becoming a Bitcoin VC???
  • Writing another book?

I wrote The SEO Battlefield in 2016, final edits were completed in January 2017 and then O’Reilly published it. Not until I saw my words printed did I fully believe it would happen! A short month later one of my clients (whom I doted on heavily) fell…

Happy April Fool’s Day! Today is the one day where we get to pull a senseless prank or two, but there are some folks who do it year round. I spend countless hours every week helping companies navigate the uncharted waters of online trust. I also talk a lot about trust in my book, The SEO Battlefield. With the dramatic surge of fake news our confidence in the web is at an all time low, it feels like boondoggling is almost always afoot. :(


⚔ Mother of Startups ⚔ Futurist ✒ O’Reilly Author //Tech Pundit & Enthusiast // CEO @CircleClick

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