Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

I expected to spend all the money this weekend, and I did. Friday we went out for fancy dinner with my brothers ($190, and worth every penny), and then another 2–3 hours of drinking afterwards ($65). We took an uber home ($11). Saturday was my dad’s surprise 70th birthday party, and it went perfectly — he had no idea, probably because his birthday isn’t until December. The food and drink were plentiful ($664 for my share) and delicious, and afterwards one of my brothers slipped us some cash to help out (-$140). Following the party, we and my brothers and their families went back to my parents’ house for pizza ($60) and more drinking. On Sunday, I would have gotten away with only paying for parking at church ($6), but we ended up buying plane tickets for an out-of-town wedding next month ($584).

Estimated total: $700+
Actual total: $1440 ($856 before the plane tickets). I am going to be as frugal as possible the next couple of weeks.