Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

The heat index didn’t get below 104 all weekend, so I did not leave the house for more than 30 seconds from when I got home on Friday until I left for work this morning; consequently, my total is less than it would have been. Friday after work I stopped at CVS ($13, because I bought a lipstick in addition to the rx I was picking up), but not the wine store because of aforementioned heat. Friday night we ordered Indian ($30), again because of the heat. Saturday I opted out of getting my eyebrows done and going shopping (see again re: heat), but ordered online all the things I was planning to go buy at Sephora ($92, but free shipping). Sunday I sat on the couch and watched the Olympics all day, and we ordered Insomnia Cookies ($? idk, my husband paid for them) at 9pm, because why the hell not.

Estimated total: $88 + whatever I spent at Sephora
Actual total: $135 + whatever the cookies cost