Reclaim Your Authority to Learn

It took me a long time to start grasping the vast possibility held in the meme: Something completely different from this is possible right now.

The hammer hits me while meandering through the hilly asphalt roads of the wealthy neighborhood of Richmond, in Nelson, South Island, New Zealand. I am scandalized by a species that builds garages bigger than their own living rooms. It starts me fantasizing that this non-existent community could come together in a nonexistent Community Hall, decide that their children should not have to battle cars while riding their bikes from one friend’s house to the next; that the asphalt roads will be removed and replaced with blossoming gardens spreading from house to house; that therefore, any fossil fueled vehicles will be banned from entering the community and left at the parking lot some kilometers away; the transportation being taken over by horses, donkeys and carriages…

A dozen declarations from participants in a Series Rage Club

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Below, you will find an assemblage of more than a dozen of articles written by the most courageous people I’ve the chance to encounter: people who are ready to break any rule (especially their own!) to take back their Authority.

Warning: INTENSE! Those articles were written during a Rage Club, they hold the specific energy of the Bright Principle of Clarity. Not an intellectual clarity, a 5-body Clarity.

My authority

I take back my authority to be happy. I may laugh at every joke and at everything I find funny, even if others do not find the joke funny. I can laugh at something as long as I want to! …

It is the worst of times, it is the best of times

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A few days ago, my eyes caught an article titled: “Two weeks in confinement: between work-at-home and the kids, I don’t know if I can hold it any longer.” Something in me cracked. The underlying message is that family life is a torture-chamber that can only be escaped by ‘going to work’ somewhere else. Has family proximity morphed into a source of suffering, anxiety and frustration?

It could be that you believe the way things are is the only way things can be. No teenage daughter actually wants to wash dishes, cook for the family, or eat what everyone else eats when everyone else eats it. No teenage daughter wants to look after their younger siblings or take more responsibility. You probably have plenty of evidence that it is part of being a teenage boy to destroy things, make messes, and despise authorities, especially their mother. Obviously ‘young men’ must go through a ‘phase of rebellion’. You probably can’t even imagine him contributing to family life. Hopefully ‘it will go away when he realizes his good fortune’. Meanwhile, your fears such as: ‘But they are locked up in their rooms all week! They have to get some fresh air!’ is not enough to enter the war-zone of proposing to go out for a Sunday walk together. You have given up, and hold the painful conclusion that ‘these kids are so spoiled they can’t appreciate the safety and love I provide’. …


Anne-Chloé Destremau

Gameworld builder, bridgebuilder to next culture, possibility manager while navigating joyfully five body intimacy journeys!

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