Want to be a published author?

The #unsplashbook sounds absolutely exciting and I so hope to be a part of it!! Thanks for this opportunity and my response to your prompt is:

Inspiration for me, has always been about curiosity. A certain lust for life. Going beyond the apparent and reading between the lines. It requires keeping an open mind and heart; being appreciative and sensitive to the beauty, or even injustice around us.

I can easily find beauty just walking by the canal every morning: in the green of the water, its reflections, the pets and birds that pass me by. I am affected too by the look of the sky. I love overcast skies and dramatic tropical storms; silhouettes, lines, shadows, angles and colour plays. Music, art, literature and dance fill me with passion.

To act on inspiration and express it requires courage. I suppose every creative person is bold to a certain extent. One has to be confident and secure, or at least be somewhat indifferent to the opinion of others, in order to step out to show one’s work and muse. The more one is able to express one’s self boldly, the more productively one is able to act on ‘the muse’, thus becoming more prolific and having less creative blockage.

I recently took a creative step in starting my own blog, I named it Annectar’s Room - it is essentially a creative’s playground, and a slice of my sanctuary that I put out there in the big wide world web. It takes a little bravery for me to put very personal thoughts and reflections of mine out there where friends, colleagues or strangers can read. My blog posts are written in article style and infused with poetry, not with useful tips and lots of white space as with typical blogs. I probably risk having fewer shares and comments for not being useful and practical, but I wouldn’t have my blog any other way, at least for now …

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