For the First Time in 40 Years, this Reaganite will Vote for a Democrat
Reaganites Opposing Trump

Just another turncoat. I have never seen anything like Republicans. They crucify their own. As ratty as the Dems are they stick together. You hold yourself up to be the vanguard of the Republican party. You are too pure to support your party’s nominee. So let me see now…just what do you believe?

By supporting Hillary you believe in killing babies, same sex marriage, public restrooms that allow your children to go in and share the bathroom with a possible sexual predator, required indoctrination in school of the tenants of Islam while refusing to allow the mention of the name of Jesus, allowing a multitude of Muslims into our country even when we have witnessed the outcome of that with the European countries that have taken them in, a liberal Supreme Court that rules from the bench and not according to the constitution, taxation without representation, gun grabbing, constitution rewriting or interpretation….One World Order promoter, designed to take our rights and rule the people who will have no recourse. But please go on over to her side and pat yourself on the back as you vote for her or write in just anybody to make your stand. That will really help America.

I would hate to have you as part of my team, because you are not a loyal person. The whole establishment has revealed itself as self promoting (both sides)and as flighty as as a leaf in the wind. You are jumping ship every other day. It is truly disgusting. You don’t have to agree on everything, but you should be closing ranks and standing together in this race. Who needs someone on the sidelines cheering and voting for the opposition. It is sheer insanity unless it was pre-planned. When the American people spoke the elite pouted and refused to honor their commitment. This spoke volumes about who they are.

While the word patriot has been hi-jacked and made to sound like it is a bad word, it still means men and women who love their country and would die for it if need be. This country is rich with patriots. Nothing can change that…no rhetoric, no lies, no spin it media can change it.

It is time we demand America first…help our own, correct our failures, secure our borders, balance our budget, use our resources to rebuild America’s infrastructure, quit making deals with our sworn enemies, and rebuild our military. If a country is yelling death to America and killing and beheading our citizens in their country, then do not allow them to come to America. If they are here and financing jihad then deport them. Do not allow people who are working against us and plotting our demise to enter and then try to turn us into a third world country.

Support America by getting out and voting for people who love it.

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