Some Garbage I Used to Believe About Equality
Johnathan Nightingale

Thank you for this!! As a woman in tech for 18 years (See how I had to qualify that a bit? it’s automatic) who is a former single mom (now happily married to a wonderful man!) I can relate to the “hobby” time. I had a single, white male friend that kept telling me (meaning it kindly) to just show up to cons and try hack-a-thons…

Just didn’t get the fact that I literally had no time or energy. I always felt guilt ,like I should always be hammering away and doing and learning, more and more and more, no matter how exhausted I was.

I’ve amassed a lot of self taught education and rank but to say a man will never have his butt slapped at work, well that’s something you never have to worry about. Yep, that happened, many moons ago. I had to go to the company lawyer, humiliating overall.

It’s a world many can’t fathom. Women are pushed into being in ‘admin’ type roles and I honestly just got sick of the fight. So I’m more in Infosec Compliance instead of going for CEH , telling myself at least I won’t be ‘woken up at night’ for emergencies, which is also true :)

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