Vile ~ Original Poetry

hear me read it here

really with your bile

you spew that vile

heart you eschew

that is the real you

the fake demise

the sick compromise

you expect others to make

destroying them in your wake

and expect endless praise

for your supposed wise ways

We are onto your games

your desire only for fame

yet you can’t affect the strong

it angers you so you find something ‘wrong’

so weak in your pitiful tower you stay

cry beg with enablers whilst they waste away

under your rule and your thumb

you mocking them all the while for being so dumb

get this you fake piece of shit

you won’t load me up and roast me on your spit

I deflect all your garbage because I’m protected

ignoring anything even indirectly projected

deal with your pain and misery alone

stop trying to dig and claw and put it in my home

die alone in a corner if you wish

I’m done with you, your minions and your shit

~Anne Dresden

image source