kate ann the book that you sent me to was about getting into a tribe and the politics that surround…
Anne Dycus

She has an agenda. She doesn’t want the people who have been “on the res,” being faithful to their tribal traditions and culture to lose what they fought so hard to get. Understandably, and I commend her for it. Just because I go take a DNA test and prove whatever, doesn’t mean I somehow now am entitled to the keys to the castle. The DNA test can be used as a positive marker, it does not mean your out of the game if it comes back negative. However, mine did not come back negative. It also came back with some Egyptian bloodlines. Huh, fancy that. I have no family stories with regards to that info at all. And, by the way, I have blue eyes, fair and had naturally blond hair up till my late twenties.

That being said, I would not dream of trying to take advantage of the information gleaned from my DNA test to gain something, anything really, from the “real Cherokee” people. Perhaps there are some who would. To me it would be like adding salt to a wound. I believe others should have the benefit of the doubt as well. Including Elizabeth Warren.

I still am completely befuddled by this connection to southern whites having more native legitimacy through their Cherokee bloodlines and its connection to the confederacy and so on. As for Indians fighting for the confederates, sure, and their were other Indians fighting on the other side, as well. Probably Cherokee, too. I’d be careful stating this association as something that was universal, because it was not.

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