No, you are not part Cherokee. And neither is Elizabeth Warren.
Meagan Day

The cynicism that this article puts forth is so negative. Who cares what people say they are, really? Have you walked in their shoes enough to suggest you have the right to tell them they are wrong? A life is created by infinite moments and those moments define who you are. This “prove it” business is dehumanizing and petty. Perhaps you just don’t like Southern whites or Elizabeth Warren. I’m okay with that. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But if one takes the time, not much at all, Oklahoma will definitely have a greater demographic of Cherokee blood in the population. Has it been diluted by the hundred and forty odd years since the tragedy that was the Trail of Tears? Of course, it has. That doesn’t mean you get to disrespect people. That’s just being a mean person. And your point regarding racism and identifying with the Cherokee nation is completely lost and I honestly don’t think it exists.

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