Once an entrepreneur…

Last week, I made a huge leap of faith and decided that after three years with the organization, I was going to buy it. Yup — from event participant to City Director to VP to Co-Founder and now Business Owner. Unreal.

Everything about what we do and why we do it is in my blood. At ProtoHack, we build communities around the world to connect any and everyone who’s ever dreamt about entrepreneurship or being a part of innovation, so they can realize that.

Since joining the leadership team last year as their VP and then a Co-Founder, it’s been a struggle taking it in a direction that was scalable and sustainable. That’s exactly why I took on a role at PressReader in the fall. I could register (again) to complete my MBA or work for a company where I’d have the opportunity to live my lessons — and at PressReader, the latter was possible.

It may have only been eight months, but it was one of the greatest learning experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve met people and worked on projects that I never dreamt possible. From a private workshop at TED to a panel with speakers from CNN and ABC, it was surreal.

As extraordinary as my time there was, something always felt like it was missing. Every new encounter, whether it was with a campaign strategy, sales process, or software feature, made me think about how I could implement this into my own company. From team dynamics to office politics, the lessons sometimes felt like they were drowning me.

It wasn’t always easy, but it was the best education I could’ve ever asked for. I have such gratitude for everything I got to experience while working for the company, but above all else, I’m most thankful for it bringing me back to my first true love: entrepreneurism.

There’s a ton to share, but I’ll leave you with the note that there are some major changes and big moves for both myself and ProtoHack in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!