To say I feel the grief to a stranger may seem untrue; but we are humans with the sense of heart…
Fleurette M Van Gulden

Fleurette, I agree, we can feel the grief of another. Especially if we have tasted grief ourselves, albeit different grief. The system did fail, but I learned through the whole process, nothing would have brought her back, so it was not good to put too much stock into it. We decided to have the trial because it was the right thing to do. And we all knew had it been reversed, she definitely would have done the same. Her boys thought about a civil suit, but decided against it. As far as me and my siblings, we made the same decision. And now, instead of five of us left there are just two. While you say that my endeavors prove I am strong and not broken, it does not always feel that way. It’s funny though, because I initally was going to call my book, “Broken, but…” May I thank you for taking the time to not only read my post, but for your comment as well? Thank you.

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