A Case Study: ‘Viral Posts,’ Can We Create Them?
Jack Heimbigner

I write memes with my poetry from time to time. I was going to leave for a speaking engagement 3 hours away. It had been booked for a year. But a week prior my sweetheart grand-baby died of Trisomy 18. The arrangements would be over, but would I be able to do this. My son encouraged me to do it if I could. So before I left I put out a meme about grief. And it went viral. And like you, I tried again with the same meme, and did not receive the same results. I can honestly say, I was only putting that meme out there because I felt what I had written and knew if I felt that way, there were others who might as well.

I agree that pursuit of a HUGE crowd can cloud up our perspectives. We need to put our best out there. We really are not in charge of the whole thing. And this is proven every time we do hit one out of the park. Let’s face it, sometimes the wind is just right. Enjoyed your article.