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I would love it. The disastrous party leadership cost us the most critical presidential election in my life time. The election was close enough that with out DWS not being impartial and resigning in shame, Anitia leaking the debate question, the Ponderosa e-mails we probably could have had it. Not that any of that stuff compares to the horrors of what Trump did on a daily basis (mocking the disabled and sexual assault are just all in a days work to him). It doesn’t mean there wasn’t horrible sexism for decades at play. But the dems could have saved us this fate and kept at least veto power and supreme court justices just by not doing stupid and unnecessary things that play right into the hands of the republican propaganda machine. And I really don’t see many people taking ownership of that.

I was surprised that Ellison was confused at why “bringing jobs back” appealed to people more than $15/min wage and family friendly policies. That is pretty obvious they think the wage hike will make prices go up and the other things will make their taxes go up. We need to work harder to understand and challenge those perceptions.