• Andrew O'Donoghue

    Andrew O'Donoghue

    Helped build happy Macs for a decade, now, I'm all talk. Series Editor, The Gadget Buzz, TV3 | Irish Mail on Sunday Columnist | Midlands FM



    Stories shared by the Epiclist team. Explore the world without limits. Onwards! www.epiclist.io

  • Abdul Shakur

    Abdul Shakur

    CEO at Shakur Investments. — Advisor to Senior Execs, HNWI & Family Offices. Fixed returns and co-investment opportunities in property developments.

  • Nick Dodd

    Nick Dodd

  • Fatène Ben-Hamza

    Fatène Ben-Hamza

    Program Manager Tunisia — Drosos Foundation. I love: ideas & projects that help people, adventures, laughing, pizza. All views are my own / fatenebenhamza.com

  • Patrick Hurley

    Patrick Hurley

  • Pedro Semeano

    Pedro Semeano

    Full-stack web developer freelancer. Drummer. Electric skater wannabe.

  • Naeem Alvi

    Naeem Alvi

    Writer, likes eggs. Features Editor @_TheQuarterly | Copywriter and brand strategist @orbstudio

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