Care for some ‘once upon a time’?

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My name is Anne Kalliomäki, I am entrepreneur and award-winning author with a mission to help companies shape their business through story-based design. In storification, a story is seen as a strategic business narrative conveying the purpose and values of the company, and the ultimate goal is to help people get to know the brand and make them fall in love with it. Entertainment value is a natural part of storification, but it’s not all there is to it.

Once upon a time, a thin red thread was woven into ropes used in the British navy. The thread made it easier to braid and repair the ropes. If the rope unravelled, it could easily be mended by following the red thread inside because it was strikingly visible. Everyone could also easily identify the rope as property of the Crown, since it was impossible to remove the red thread without taking the rope apart. That made stealing the ropes pointless, as no one would buy them.

A red thread is also essential in storification: it produces a compelling narrative — in fiction and non-fiction, including business activities.

Story-based service design (storification) brings together the design of service interactions and emotional journeys into an authentic and well-deployed brand.

Differentiating is becoming more and more important both online and offline, as digital and analogue customer experiences merge into one experience. When you make a company’s uniqueness part of the customer experience through stories, the company’s services stand out from competitors’ services and become difficult to imitate.

This ensures growth in the value of the company and the service experience it produces.

Need for common red threads now stronger than ever

A personal and emotive narrative makes buying and using a service easier and more entertaining for your customers.

Businesses need red threads now more than ever: we must offer our customers unique and comprehensive experiences to succeed.

In today’s fragmented world, we need a story’s cohesive power — its red thread. A story-centric management approach helps us manage all aspects of the company and focus on customer experience. Therefore, we can use a narrative to build a bridge between digital and analogue customer experiences.

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It´s time to design customer experiences into a story

Stories have long been discussed in business — particularly in marketing — but we haven’t yet truly reaped their benefits in action. We haven’t made the most of stories by letting them permeate all layers of business. Fiction and dramatic storytelling have a lot to offer, but we haven’t borrowed from them.

We haven’t created story experiences for our customers.

Now is the time to fully take advantage of storytelling in a new way. It’s time to storify.

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