Still acting like it’s 2005 and nothing’s changed? — How can storification support business?

Over a decade ago, in 2005, B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore published an article, urging us to think in terms of experiences. [EVENT ROI FALL 2005. Achieving Infinite ROI. B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore)

”It’s not fantasy; it´s reality. Companies are doing just this today by thinking imaginatively about ways of engaging their current and potential customers and designing creatively around admission-fee experiences in ways that no advertisement can do. They´ve stopped fretting about the declining efficacy of ads and pursued whole new medium: the marketing experience. So what are you waiting for?”

It’s a fair question. Are you still stuck somewhere back in 2005? Or have you set out to create something special for your customers, something that rises above the mundane and offers a memorable experience?

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Do you dare to boldly take advantage of gamification and storification? Or are you one of those who are in danger when the world around changes?

Shopping as entertainment has been talked about for some time: the purchase encounter should also be entertaining. Something that makes people smile.

So, why should you take up storification?

  • Storification helps a company stand out from the crowd and create a competitive advantage
  • Storification links elements together to deepen customers’ understanding of the importance of the product or service in their personal lives
  • Storification creates a context that lowers the threshold to buying
  • Storification increases the time a customer spends using a service
  • Stories generate additional purchases (incentives, ‘long tails’, using stories in after-sales)
  • Storification is also shopping entertainment, enjoyable shopping (experiential environments)
  • Stories help get loyal customers (target group, tribes, phenomena, individuality)
  • Stories add new appeal to products and services
  • Stories help activate recommendations (more intense memories, links to the story online, etc.)
  • Storification promotes building trust with a target group through powerful story experiences (at an emotional level)
  • Stories create meaning and personalize — when values are presented via stories, customers understand and remember them better.
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I am helping business owners turn their customer experience into a story experience. @akalliom @tarinakone #storification #storyexperience #experiencedesign

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