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In 2014, my book about Storification was published by Talentum in Finnish. Book received the Silver Award from the Finnish Association of Marketing, Technology and Creativity (MTL) in the Best Book on Communication and Marketing category in 2015.

In the business world, the word ‘story’ has already been so overused that its meaning has become blurred. It seems that almost any content is called a story. When this happens, we forget what the storytelling fuss is all about in the first place.

We are losing our way. Big time. We are losing the real art of storytelling and the different ways we can use it to build business.

As a story designer, I believe I’d like to be the one to give the ‘emperor back his clothes’.

What the hell is this thing called a story anyway?

So, what is a story? A story often contains one or more of the following elements. However, we sometimes describe texts or services that have none of these elements as a story too. …


Anne Kalliomäki

I am helping business owners turn their customer experience into a story experience. @akalliom @tarinakone #storification #storyexperience #experiencedesign

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