Hello Anne,
Virginia Hall

Thanks for welcoming me. And I so agree… lots of cis-splaining to transgender people. And lots of not-hearing when the most amazing experience — of having lived in two genders and also having experienced a transition (or a detransition) — could be enriching all of us in understanding what the heck this complicated and fascinating gender stuff is really about. (*Which I would better to have explicitly acknowledged, instead of talking only to my point of some hope about where the real conversation may be happening.) It’s not a small point to me: It’s a loss for closed minds, and it’s also where I’m hoping change will grow. By tickling people’s brains in unexamined parts of their experience, and they say “that’s interesting, now I’m noticing something I’ve long felt which seems sort of related…” Which also fits (probably stems from?) my own experience, of illuminating places where I never felt I ‘fit’, and making sense, bit by bit, of my sense of difference in identity. Of feeling different but having hardly any idea what to ascribe it to. This is so valuable.

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