The first month on Linkedin brought me amazing results.

This was my journey.

I have posted 18 animations that I made in softwares like Biteable, GoAnimate, Renderforest, VideomakerFX.

I made these animations in 1–2 hours.

That is very fast.

Partly because of the new softwares like Biteable that work with templates at a high level of animation.

Partly because I am experienced and have worked for some years with these softwares now (There are about 10 different softwares that I work with)

I am an animation software teacher for 3 years. With 14 courses on Udemy and now I am starting my own animation school, with coaching as well as courses.

The views per animation vary from 200 to 750 views.

For me that is a lot and I was surprised in a happy way.

The animations were aimed at:

· Virtual assistants

· Freelancers

· Social Media managers

Some were made from an article with 5 points of advice — -How to get found on Linkedin as a VA, with a referral to the article in the link.

Some just had the title: — — This is for You Social media Managers

Some were promotions for my free course or my new coaching program

The easiest way to do this

For this posting on Linkedin was using the templates of

You can start for free, the video will be watermarked. But A month is only$29, so you could use them for your work and enjoy make loads of animations for your Social Media Posts.

There are a lot more templates than the first 5 you see on the homepage.

Here is the overview of templates, they are prepared for niches, look if your’s is there!

Of course you can adapt everything to your own business needs, or that of you clients.

You can choose from the style you are working in, or choose video animations, or as your own.

I have also shared a lot of articles, that might be useful for the VA’s or Social media Managers.

They have gotten over 200 views as well.

These were about

· Why hiring a VA

· What to do before hiring a VA

· Why learning video is important in the coming years on Social Media

· How to optimize your posts with keywords, hashtags and titles to get more views.


In total I had about 16.000 views in my first month on Linkedin.

I have sold some animations and courses, 90 Linkedin users enrolled in the free course on my new animation school and I see a growing interest of people who want to connect with me.

I can do a lot to improve in the second month.

Anlyze and improve the titles of the post in an headline analyser.

Use popular hashtags.

Find out what keywords your clients are using in their search.

Next month I will tell you the results of the second month on Linkedin.

Looking forward to hear about your results!

Connects and comments are very welcome.

How are your experiences on Linkedin?

greetings, Anneke Camstra